Balance Renewed

Have you not fought for the benefit of nature, <name>? To restore some semblance of balance to the world around you? The forces of nature know of our deeds, and we will be rewarded or punished accordingly. The Dark Elves prey upon the few animals that have returned, using them as fodder for their beasts of war. Cold Ones prowl in search of flesh, their vile appetites destroying the balance that has slowly returned to these blighted lands. Go forth and face these terrible beasts. In so doing, you will deny to them the sustenance that will carry them from the Shadowlands and deeper into Ulthuan.
Journey southwest into Mournwood. Kill the Cold Ones you find there as they threaten the wildlife in Undershade Dale. Free any animals you find from the Dark Elf traps. Return to Deliaren Swordsinger at Mathrin's Watch when complete.
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