Through the millennia, the Dark Elf hatred for my people has grown such that I fear they will turn to desperate tactics the likes of which they had never before considered. Even now, they skulk about the ley lines like common thieves: the ley lines that channel magic throughout Ulthuan. If the ley lines are disrupted, the balance of magic will be gravely threatened. We must do what we can to maintain this balance. If we lose on that front, then all other battles are fleeting. Lyriana had within her possession the Staff of Isha. Its powers can repair the ley lines, much as a salve mends wounds. You must recover it.
While in the Asarbel Highlands travel south from the Cliffs of Ushuru until you reach Lyriana's Mansion. Recover the Staff of Isha from the strongbox at Lyriana's Mansion, and return with it to Gaelnielle Whitewing in the Cliffs of Ushuru encampment.
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  • Tier 4 (0)


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