A Difficult Choice

Our sundered sisters hold several citizens of Calumel. I shudder to think of the vile degradations my misguided kin have in store for them. The captured are of a courageous lineage, and they would attempt escape even if it meant their lives were forfeit. If not for the paralytic poisons used by the Witch Elves, these captives might have already freed themselves. Our supplies are limited, but I have managed to find one antidotal salve. Administer it to one of the captured High Elves. Unfortunately, it will fall upon you to choose who you will save, and who you will leave behind.
Venture to the east. Find the Witch Elf altar in Calumel, east of the Undersea Cave. Interact with one of the Wounded Calumel Citizens there to administer the healing salve. Return to Prince Eldrion when done.
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