Bitter Blood

The Sundering was a time of heartbreak and betrayal. Brother fought against brother even as the land tore itself asunder, though nowhere was the conflict more focused than within the Blackcairn house. The two scions of that noble house fought a battle of epic proportions: one a loyal son of Ulthuan, and the other twisted by the promises of Malekith. At first, Elthryril sought only to defeat and cleanse his brother of the Witch King's corruptive influence, but as the battle wore on, his focus began to shift, until nothing but hatred stood between them. The ragestorm grew, consuming the brothers, and it is said that their rage still lives, bound to the spot of their final battle. We have already seen the Dark Elves' penchant for twisting power to their needs, and I greatly fear what my estranged kin might do should they find a way to harness that ancient rage.
Participate in the Blood of Blackcairn scenario. Return to Duriril Mellonur in the Eataine Mustering warcamp when done.
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