Aiding the Resistance

Caledor has suffered mightily under the weight of Malekith's forces, but a strong resistance force has managed to fend off the conquest of Caledor for some time. Our success in Dragonwake has enabled us to safely make contact with our kin to the west, and we have made contact with one of the leaders of the resistance, Prince Rilean Ceridas. <name>, the resistance is strong, but it is small. Prince Ceridas' contact with us was an urgent request for assistance. Please, make your way into Caledor and offer your aid to him. May Asuryan grant you the strength you need to aid him as well as you have helped us here in Dragonwake!
Travel to the Conqueror's Descent warcamp to the west, within Caledor. Report to Reilean Ceridas, and offer your aid in his battle for Caledor.
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