A Pile Too Far

You have encountered one of our Greenskin allies? Though useful in battle, they are exceptionally dim-witted creatures, ill-suited for anything other than the gory carnage of combat. The current leader of their tribe has pledged his support to our efforts here in Ulthuan, but I am hearing troubling things about the greenskin's own campaign. Should they falter, our own plans may go astray, and that is not a situation Lord Uthorin wishes to see come to pass. As you are already familiar with the despicable creatures, I think it best you go and deal with them. The Black Orc Shakkrut seems nominally in charge of their operations in the Badlands. A vile creature, he will most likely look upon you with much more favor if you come bearing gifts.
Kill fifteen enemy players to gather the necessary 'gud bitz' for Shakkrut's pile. Then travel to Shakkrut in the Badlands warcamp.
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  • Tier 4 (0)


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