An Elegant Plan

As I am sure you are aware, the foul-smelling oafs have accompanied us to Ulthuan, sent by their Warboss to aid in Malekith's efforts. Thus far, the brutes have proven to be little more than a disappointment. It is only lately that they have proven quite capable with the most recent task given to them: chopping down trees. With the great abundance of trees in Avelorn, they have little time to complain that they're not hacking at something, whilst we gain a fleet of their rickety barges. With this small fleet we shall sail across the Inner Sea, avoiding the detection of the Sea Guard as we make our way to the shores of Eataine and Caledor. It is an elegant plan in all ways, except for one. The High Elves interfere with our efforts, attempting to claim one of the camps where these dim-witted brutes are hard at work. Losing this camp to our enemies is not an option. Make your way to the camp, and secure it in Malekith's name!
Go to the Wood Choppaz' Camp near the border with Saphery and ensure it is scouted. Return to Rulkiran the Bladelord when done.
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