A Poor Replacement

Tor Anroc is a monument to the fading power of our foolish cousins. There was once a time when the High Elves could hide behind the might of their dragons, but no longer. With so many of their ancient allies slumbering, our cousins are forced to defend themselves with their own skills, magic, and embarrassingly inadequate arms. The laughable Eridial, in an attempt to harness the energy of the dragons that was no longer in his people's power to control, unintentionally slew his own beast. Even in their grasp for artificial might, the betrayers cannot help but fumble as they fade from this world. The amulet that Eridial created does contain a modicum of its intended power, and it is worthy of our attention. Go, and journey into the bowels of Tor Anroc where Eridial fled in shame. Seek out this trinket, and claim it for the Witch King.
Participate in the Tor Anroc scenario. Return to Sarathen Noricar in the Avelorn House Uthorin warcamp when done.
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  • Tier 4 (0)


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