A New Quarry

The pitiful half-men have come to Reikland to aid the Empire in many things, and it is they who have provided much of the stone used to build the walls and buildings of the region. Most of their efforts, however, are focused on a single quarry, held by Ragnar Frostbeard. The stone gathered from that quarry can aid us greatly in our battle against the dogs of the Empire. But better still, I have heard rumors that the half-men have uncovered a powerful charm with which we could honor the Great Architect. We must claim this quarry. We must prevent the pathetic fools of the Empire from using it against us, and we must learn more of what treasures it contains!
Scout Frostbeard's Quarry in Reik Watch for any signs of the enemy. Return to Gauthen the Render at Darkstone Vantage when done.
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