A Greater Concern

The assault of the vile forces of the Raven Host is presently our most pressing concern, but I have recently received dark news. Under the aegis of their Lord Malekith, the dread Dark Elves have begun an invasion of the lands of Ulthuan. My superiors have informed me that his forces move swiftly, and already lay siege to the Plain of Bone. Upon that battlefield lays an ancient altar, in which a sword precious to Malekith rests. By Sigmar, the power I am told he would wield with this blade would serve to make our present conflict seem like a mere skirmish! Perhaps, if a fine warrior like you lent aid to the battle on Ulthuan, the claiming of that sword can be prevented! You must make haste to the Blighted Isle and offer your aid. May Sigmar grant you strength in all the battles ahead!
Journey to the Blighted Isle and offer Saritha Lightweaver your aid in fighting against the Dark Elves upon the Plain of Bone.
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