Blasted Medallion

Ya've heard of mighty Grimnir have ya? The lads an' I've been tracin' him across the wastes for a stone's age. We'd almost given up hope o' findin' him before we ran out o' ale! That's when we started findin' the runes, <name>. Signs carved by Grimnir himself to lead us to him! But all we found was this blasted tower; and a riddlin' manling who loves raisin' things as should be staying in the ground! When you lot started showin' up I figured Grimnir's hand was on ya. It's only right manlings help us root out the secrets another manling keeps!
Strike down the servants of the nearby necromancer, and search their remains for anything of note. Return to Klorn Durginson at the Kaltenbach Expedition when done.
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