A Tale of Treason

What is it you have there? The Emperor wants me to do what? Nothing would please me more then to levy a regiment of troops for the chamberlain but at this rate the peasants will have strung me up by dawn! That's it! He must die! No not Smythe, he is a puppet and killing him would make him a martyr. But if someone were to do away with his co-conspirator this uprising would fail. I would be considered a hero and would be able to send Smythe and the worst of the troublemakers off to war. Aid me, <name>, and I will be able to meet the Emperor's demands.
Travel to Smuggler's Hollow and find Malvir, Edgar Smythe's conspirator. Kill Malvir and return to Vlad Zovenheim at the Emperor's Arms in Kreuznach with the news.
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