A Special Kind of Choppa

Oi! Youse been doin' sum of da best bashin' 'round 'ere, so I fink youse da one I'll send ta 'elp da pointy-ears. Dat's right, da pointy-ears! Screeb says dat Skarzag says dat...uh...Grumlok says dat we'z need ta send sum o' da Boyz ta dat Elfie island, so's we'z can help dem capture some sword. I says ta Screeb dat we could just give 'em dis 'ere choppa if dey need a sword, but he said dat dis is some special kind o' sword. Dat must be some chopp
Speak to Glezadug Urts at Screeb's Stunty Killin' Camp in Mount Bloodhorn to travel to the Blighted Isle. Once you have arrived, speak with Zanrith Valonir at the Cynathai Span, the Dark Elf warcamp there.
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