An Army Marches

Okay. One last mission; then we're all in Sigmar's hands. Go to the Temple of Change. You may have already seen it, if you've been up in the Valley of the Damned. Get inside -- you may have to fight your way in -- and locate this 'Magus of Fate, ' and cut him down! With him dead, we can at least forestall the cultists' offensive -- at least, until reinforcements arrive from Altdorf. If you can do this, I'll ask nothing more of you. If you can't, well ... I guess we'll all be dead a few hours later, anyway.
Travel to the Lake of the Damned in High Pass and enter the Temple of Change. Locate the Magus of Fate there and defeat him, in order to put an end to the threat of the impending Chaos attack against Raven's End. Return to Brother Lance at Raven's End when your task is complete.
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