An Army Marches

I have a question for you -- perhaps another task. You said that you saw a Magus in the Ogre camp, and that he was also after the animal carcasses. But it sounds like the Ogres basically ignored him, which means they were allies -- or at least had some kind of truce. I wonder ... the Chaos cults in the area have been steadily building up their forces, but they don't do much hunting. Still, they need provisions, just like we do, and they've got to be getting them from somewhere. Do you think maybe the Ogres aren't the real problem? If the Cult of the Magus is trading with the Ogres for fresh meat and other supplies, it would follow that these raids will continue as long as the cult is still dealing with the Ogres. Can I ask you to check into that situation for me?
Locate the Cult of the Magus near Raven's End in High Pass. Neutralize the Magi Seers who are dealing with the Bonestomper Ogres. After slaying the Seers, examine any items in your quest inventory which might provide some insight as to why the Cult of the Magus have been working with the Bonestomper Ogres.
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