An Army Marches

Can you lend a hand? We're in a serious situation here. We're low on provisions. Between feeding the refugees and the Ogres attacking our supply trains ... if the Chaos cultists don't kill us, starvation surely will. We need food, but that's only a stop-gap. We have to stop the Ogres from hunting down every last animal in High Pass, or we're all done for. We'd go ourselves, but you see how big the garrison is, here. We might succeed at stopping the Ogres, but it would take so many troops that there'd be none left to defend the camp! So that's where you come in, if you feel up to the task. See if you can drive off the Bonestomper Ogres, and procure some provisions for the troops.
Locate the Bonestomper Ogres' camp near Raven's End in High Pass. 'Convince' the Bonestomper Brawlers to hunt elsewhere, and bring back as many of their kills as you can carry to feed the Raven's End troops. Bear in mind whole animal carcasses are extremely heavy, and that it is unlikely that you will be able to carry more than one at a time. Return to Brother Lance at Raven's End when your task is complete.
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