Bashin' Bugman's

One o' da boys found dat stunty beer makin' place, and I know how youse goin' ta blow it up! Dem stunties always got some o' dem barrels are dat stunty spice da snotlings like so much. Find one of dem barrels near da beer makin' place and den feed da snotlings da spice! Dey is gonna bounce around a bit, but den dey'll blow up, and take dat stunty buildin' wif 'em! Dere'll be no more o' da special beer for dose stunties, and Skargor will be 'appy!
Travel to Bugman's Brewery. Use the Snotling Stuffed Barrel given to you by Durog in the vicinity of the building to destroy it. Return to Durog Blackteef at Blackteef's Boyz Warcamp when done.
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