Anudda Way

All da boyz fink there ain't no way past dem stunties 'cept through this wall, but Squim here knows better. I found anudda way around, under da ground. Some o' da boys don't listen to little ol' Squim, and dey keep bashin' da gate. But, some did listen and went underground. Dose ones keep gettin' lost or gettin' et by Trolls, though, so we'z got t' find a way t' get dem through dat cave. Dat way we can start bashin' on da stunty cave fasta! Go over to da cave where dem stupid rock eatin' Trolls is. Kill as many of 'em as ya can find, and den light dere fires so dat da boyz stop gettin' lost in dere.
Find the cave of Rikkit Duk hidden in the mountains south of Rottoof's Mugz. Slay the various Rock-Eater Trolls found within, and light the bonfires to illuminate the path through the passage for the greenskins. Return to Squim in Rottoof's Mugz when done.
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