Amazing Race

Oi, <name>! Admire these legs 'cause they're da fastest 'round. Dat's right, I just made it across that stunty bridge and back wifout any of 'em getting their nasty stubby hands on me. Ain't none of youse could pull that off. Dat's right, I is da fastest runt in dis Waaagh! , and I is gonna be da first ta fight da big stunty Boss! What's dis? You gits tink you can do as good? All right den! Youse will race each other but let's make it in'trestin. Race up to dem big stunty places, and bring me back a trophy from each. Whichever o' you gits brings me back da most, da fastest wins!
Travel to Ghavrin's Tower, and kill Captain Ironshod. Then search the Crazy Stunty Drinking Place for Brewer Skarfon and the area near Duraz Deb for Trademaster Ornuln. Return their beards to Squirmz back at Badrot's Bashin' Place before the Gobbo Sprinta does.
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