A Giant Order

I need to keep da Giants 'appy! It's a big job, and there ain't no one wot does it as good as me. I could show you wot I know if you want to help me. There ain't no such thing as a giant that doesn't jus' love some spider stew. Problem is, giants 'ave giant hungers and it takes a lot of spider meat to make a stew wot can fill up a Giant. Youse goin' ta have ta try anyway, though. Dat, or we can feed Gobbos ta the giants, but dat won't make 'em as 'appy as we need 'em ta be!
Search Cinderfall for the Lavaspinner Spiders and kill them for their meat. Once you have enough meat, return to Da Scrappin' Camp. Use the cookpot there to brew up a batch of the stew. Speak to Murch when done.
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