Big Problem

How I long for the majestic mountains of Caledor, with its towering stone spires and proud shrines to the heroes of my people. Word has just come that my land of Ulthuan has come under attack, and this news saddens me greatly. It is as if the whole of the world rages with war, and seeing it won will require cooperation between all races; even those with dubious pasts. While you may wish to charge into battle to save this hold, I must caution you. Those that the simpleton Borgor refers to as 'greenskins' are nothing but mindless killers. They cannot be bargained with, and they show no mercy. Slay them without remorse, <name>. Do it, not just for the Dwarfs, but for all of us.
Travel through Mordrin's Anvil and the Barren Reach to find Ancestors' Watch. Slay the Ironclaw Big'uns attacking the Watch. When done, speak with Berruna Grimstone, who waits on the bridge at the end of Ancestor's Watch.
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