Belly up for a Pint!

It's done! Full-bodied, the color of a newly-mined topaz! It's a masterpiece, if I may say so myself! What is it, you ask? It's beer! And a right magnificent one, too. This ain't your usual sippin' lager or gulpin' ale. This is a restorative draught! That's right! It'll put the curl back in your beard and shake the chill from your bones. If you're thinkin' of dyin', it'll chase Old Doom away. This here draught is goin' ta keep the lads fightin', and with the fightin' goin' on at the Gates of Ekrund, I'm sure some o' the lads could use a taste! Take some of this t' them, and give 'em a drink! Their backs'll be strong as stone in an instant!
Leaving the pub, go down the stairs and then to the right. Enter the Barren Reach. Seek out three wounded Dwarfs, and interact with them to administer the Frothy Ale.Speak to Brani Gridsson in the Barren Reach when finished.
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