Back in My Day

Blasted beardlings and their fancy contraptions! Everythin' nowadays is guns and gyrocopters. Don't they know that any longbeard only needs rune magic or a sturdy axe and a pint o' stout to best any foe? Bah! My talk's wasted on you. You're one o' that crowd that likes these contraptions. The way I see it, young ones are good for one thing: runnin' to take care o' things for the longbeards. You know who else shares me feelings? Ol' Thorlunson up ahead in the Badlands! He and I are of the same mind on many things. We've just 'bout secured the way through these Marshes, so why not make your young self useful? Start makin' your way t' him in 'is camp. Take 'im this 'ere map o our caravan lines. When you give it to 'im, let 'im know I'm on the way, and we'll be sharin' a pint soon!
Speak to Fakrin Dadokson in Thurarikson's Warcamp to travel to the Oathbearer warcamp in the Badlands. When you arrive there, speak to Kazgrim Thorlunson.
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