Bitter Blood

I see such pain...blood, tears, a man burning, a tower, holy symbols. It is the Witch Hunter! Von Jaeger! He is lost to us, fallen to the seduction of Neborhest's abomination, Petrova! He is now no more than another of Neborhest's pawns. However, even in his failure he gives us the means to make Neborhest vulnerable. Von Jaeger carried on his person an artifact which could strike at the heart of Neborhest's power. It has been overlooked, tossed in a chest with all of Von Jaeger's former belongings. I see you, <name>! You are recovering this relic from a tower, and afterwards I see you climb to the top, nearing the tremendous source of Neborhest's power. But the shadow looms ever closer as you climb! You must find this relic. Use it against the reliquary at the top of Neborhest's tower! Defeat whatever force responds to your attack so that Neborhest's power might be broken and his evil bound to the tower forever!
Travel to Neborhest's tower. Find Von Jaeger's Sigmarite Relic within, then use it on the Will of Kadon, the phylactery near the top of the tower. Defeat the spirit summoned by the phylactery, the true source of Neborhest's necromantic powers and then return to Ralla Widmer in Oathhold.
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  • Tier 4 (0)


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