Bitter Blood

Our foe's name is Neborhest. He was a noble Lord, corrupted by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and power. In his pursuit he served the evil Kadon, and in his name he committed vile, unspeakable acts against the people he once ruled. He drank of their essence, draining their bodies of any life, of any soul. However, despite Neborhest's evil, it was Kadon we feared. That was our mistake, for once Kadon disappeared from this world his minion rose up to more terrible than ever, granted inexplicable new powers of terrible might. Arch Lector Benedict himself commissioned the Witch Hunter, Mattias von Jaeger, to destroy the wicked Neborhest. Von Jaeger tracked him into the heart of these marshes only never to be heard from again--wait, do you here that? Can you not hear the murmur? It's the earth below us! An army approaches us! This is Neborhest's doing! It must be driven back!
Head to the outskirts of Oathhold, and help drive off the undead army by killing the Soulless Fetid. Speak with Ralla Widmer inside the camp once they are eliminated.
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