Bitter Blood

There's a presence fouler than greenskin muck on the air in this marsh. It's my duty to ward this expedition against the rotten evil lurking about. To do that proper like, I need to find where it's coming from. As such, I was studying them peculiar ruins east of here when a bloody, stinking corpse jumped out of the spongy earth and attacked me. Now this wasn't any ol' restless zombie tripping about. It moved fast, too fast for them broken undead types. Thank Valaya for my rune of hearth, else I wouldn't be standing here to tell you about it. I cast it right quick and that creature of the dark scrambled off. My duties keep me here, but I need someone to take another look 'round them ruins to find anything I might 'ave missed. Keep your axe close. That evil thing was up to something there. I'm sure of it.
Travel into the southern reaches of the Drench, and search along the roads for the Mourkain Ruins that Vandra was studying. Search for evidence of the creature of which Vandra spoke.
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