A Cure for What Ails

Well, you're here so you may as well make yourself useful. We got a caravan laden with oathgold just sittin' here! That hardheaded caravan driver wandered off and got himself bit by a giant spider of all things! Now I've been in that cave a hundred times, and yes, on a rare occasion when I've had a tad bit too much ale the night before, I have been bit as well. So I know to tell you that the spider that bit him was some sort of rare breed because this Dwarf swelled almost to manling size! Kill that spider, and then get some of its venom so we can cure the poor sot.
Look for the Marshfang Spider Cave, east of Murdogh's Hold. Kill a Warped Marshfang, and collect a sample of its Tainted Venom. Return to Burlok Greysteel in Murdogh's Hold once you've completed your task.
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