An Oath to Uphold

We've just had word that the lands o' men have come under attack by a warhost o' them Northmen. They worship the foul gods o' Chaos, an' they've got a mighty champion to lead 'em. The Empire's ripe for the pickin', wot with the plague an' all. It seems like all the world's goin' t' war, and it's times like this when old vows come t' be honored. We Dwarfs have long sworn to aid the Empire when it comes under threat, and this'll be no exception! There's a manling by the name o' Arnholdt Grais up in Nordland. He's the one to see if you want to know where the fightin' is. You can get there fastest by gyrocopter, an' it's Grungni's good fortue that we just happen to have one right here at the camp.
Speak to a Flight Master to travel to Arnholdt's Company, the Order warcamp in Nordland. When you have arrived, speak with Lieutenant Grais.
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