An Offer You Can't Refuse

You see, my ancestors once mined these very mountains. They were driven off by an invasion of Orcs long ago, forced to abandon their holdings just as they stood. My ancestors told me they'd left a fortune in stone and gold just sittin' in the carts at the mine. I've long sworn that if I ever made it t' Bloodhorn, I'd find the mine. After days of searchin', I've finally found it, but it's not quite as my ancestors long described it! Look for yourself! The entrance is collapsed, and the blasted greenskins 'ave built a fort up round it. But the carts are there, with bits o' gold still unclaimed within. I'll tell you what, In. If you can help me reclaim the mine, and check to see if any of my clan's gold is left, I'll give you a share of the profits and make my way to the warcamp. That sound like a reasonable offer?
Enter the Bloody Sun camp around Old Stoneson Mine. Defeat three of the Bloody Sun Shamans who make camp there, and search the mine carts for any remaining Gold Ore.Return to Gron Stoneson when complete.
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