Battle For Remembrance

So, you're here about Kazador, an' the hunt for Gorfang Rotgut? It's a fool's errand. They searched for that Orc for who knows how long, and not a one could ever find 'im. Listen, friend, you've done me a favor, so I'll be straight with ya'. I can't leave here, because I'm bound by an oath sworn to the High King 'imself. I was in a tavern in Altdorf one night, drunk as a Halfling at Alefest. I got into a fight with a High Elf dignitary who was visitin' with the Emperor and the High King. Me temper an' the drink got the best o' me, and I killed that Elf with me hammer. I brought great shame upon myself and my clan. I've come here to make amends for my misdeed by helpin' the High Elves. So y' see, I have to stay here and uphold my pledge. I'm sorry that you came all this way for nothin', but that's the way it is.
Return to Hadig Balderson at the Blowhole in Altdorf. Report to him that you've had no luck in rallying Kazador's Circle for the hunt.
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