Battle For Remembrance

So you were saying you came to me for help tracking down this Gorfang Rotgut...You know why I'm all the way out here, leagues away from the the lands o' my own kind? It's because I'd rather remember the Golden Age of Karak Azul as it was. That's the truth of it. The world's fallen down around us, <career>, but I'm goin' to hang on to what I can. To do that, I need to be far away from it all, so I don't see our crumblin' holds as they are now, an' tarnish my memories of the way they once were. I ain't goin' back, but maybe ol' Glod Glodsson can be of some help to ye. It'll surprise ya' to haer it, but he's helpin' them High Elves out in Ulthuan. Last I heard, 'e was in Caledor.
Seek out the last person on Hadig's list. His name is Glod Glodsson, and he is reported to be aiding the High Elves in Caledor.
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