Battle For Remembrance

So ol' Hadig sent ya' did he? Haven't heard that name in more time than I can remember. Sorry <career>, but you're chasin' a ghost. Gorfang won't be found. I cannot help you, because I'd be chasin' a figment, and figments won't give me the death in battle that all Slayers seek. Honor was lost to me because of just such a quest those years ago. I mean to reclaim it here in Kadrin Valley. In the meantime, you ought to find Durgan Baleshot, if he's still alive. Damn blind fool ran off with that Empire expedition to find that Chaos city in the wastelands of the north. Good luck if you try that, though. That's a madman's journey!
Seek out Durgan Baleshot at the Fires of Sigmar in the Chaos Wastes. Perhaps he will assist you on your quest.
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