Battle For Remembrance

Your general seems to have faith in you, <career>, and that speaks well to be sure, but even he has never seen the manner of greenskin we encountered that day. For that we must be grateful, because if he had, dare I say it, he and his men may lose hope just as the Kazadors have. You're going to need the help of those who know the menace you seek. Seek out Kazador's inner circle. They were his most trusted warriors and companions, and I'm one of 'em. The rest I shall etch down on this tablet. Some might be easier to find than the others, but you must seek them all out before I am to release the magic of this ring to you. If they live, you must convince them to aid you. In fact, you should start with Brol Gornbrow, whom you'll find in Kadrin Valley.
You must find the members of Kazador's Circle. They were King Kazador's most trusted warriors and companions. Start by seeking out Brol Gornbrow in Kadrin Valley.
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