Battle For Remembrance

Bah. The murderous Gorfang Rotgut has roamed unpunished for years. The Kazador clan's grudge remains unanswered, and today it is beyond hope. This generation of Dwarfs has forgotten what's important: grudges, oaths, honor, tradition, remembrance, and Longbeards! The ring you found belonged to one of my brothers, Bagrom. He and his wife Gamira were lost to us that day. Hadig crafted each of them a ring; he once said they would bind one to the other in any circumstance. I wonder what he'd say upon seein' it. You should go an' find him. He'll be down at the Blowhole, havin' a drink. It's all 'e does anymore.
Speak with Hadig Balderson. He's drinking at the Blowhole Tavern in Altdorf.
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