Battle For Remembrance

Bah, that's it? You merely found it in a common Orc thug's hut? You have tortured me with a false hope. Likely Bagrom's ring has been shuffled among the greenskins for years with the rest of the loot they stole from Karak Azul on that accursed day. Keep the ring. I wish to remember my brother as he was during our Golden Age, not of him on that eve. Why? You would understand if you knew my tale, but none in your generation wishes to hear of it. If they did, they'd pick up the tome of my clan's chronicles now and again. But, they don't. It just sits in our archives collecting dust. I'm the only one who ever cracks the bindin' these days. Not surprising, because it might remind the beardlings o' how they've forgotten what it means to be a Dwarf.
Page through the Kazador Clan Tome near Ulgrim in the Altdorf library. Speak to Ulgrim Kazador when you have done so.
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