Battle For Remembrance

The King of Karak Azul, Dagroth Kazador, led a great army to confront Gorfang. At his side was his brother Ulgrim, himself a great general. Day and night, they searched for the bloodthirsty warlord, but at every turn, the murderous scum eluded them. In the end, they never did find him. They were called back to fight in other battles, and so the King's vengeance was stolen from him. King Kazador and his brother live to this day. The king is said to roam the mountainsides, unwilling to give up the search, an' still holdin' out hope for a chance encounter with Gorfang. Ulgrim, however, has accepted matters. You'll find him in the library of Altdorf, reading about his favorite subject, the Golden Age of the Dwarfs. Seek out Ulgrim, and show him his fallen brother's ring. See what he makes of it, for it may be our only lead to finding the source of our enemy's strength here.
Bring Bagrom Kazador's Signet Ring to Ulgrim Kazador in the Library of Altdorf.
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