Battle For Remembrance

Dwarf soldiers are dying out there, and every one that does is one more than we can afford! By the hundreds we fight, yet by the thousands they come. It's a game of numbers that's grim to be sure. The greenskin forces grow stronger by the day. If we are to have any hope in winning this war, we must find the source of their strength. An Orc boss occupies the fort nearby. The markings on his banner are familiar to me but I haven't placed it. He's commanding the filth in the area, but from what I've seen, I'd say he's answering to another. Lay siege to that fort. Search for a clue as to who he's answering to.
Journey southeast until you reach Dammaz Skar. Search the huts near the bridge for a clue to the real source of greenskin strength in Black Crag. Return to Kromil Weatheredmane at Gav's Oathbearers to report on your findings.
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  • Tier 4 (0)


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