Arrogant Axe

I was wondering how long it would be before the sons of Grungni stirred themselves on this matter. Chaos is a festering sore, <name>. It must be rooted out, lanced and cauterized lest the taint spread! Kaspar Vogt he's called. I've been chasing him for months. Don't look so surprised! His influence has left a dark trail across Empire lands, and now he's fled here to Black Crag. Why? I'd imagine because he knew how little stock your Longbeards would set in my words. He must be stopped, <name>. If you allow him to continue on unchecked, you'll awake one day to see your fellow Dwarfs changed into creatures you can no longer recognize, and Eight Peaks will become home to abomination!
Head east through the pass and find the entrance to the Festering Cave in the mountains above The Defiled Hold. Fight and kill the Chaos sorcerer Kaspar Vogt. Then return to Gunnolf Geirgnash at Oathgrund's Watch to report your success.
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