A Prod in the Right Direction

Eight Peaks was lost to the greenskins and my kin and I are the only large force of Valayan Dwarfs, you say? It saddens me to think of what befell our people, but we fought gloriously all the same! Our ale is plentiful, our vault is filled, and we're roaring for a good battle! We Valayan Dwarfs may have nearly lost everything, but knowing that the Dwarfen race has survived beyond the walls of this stone prison stirs my desire for battle, honor, and treasure! <name>, I offer you and yours my axe and that of my army to aid you against the greenskins to retake Eight Peaks! We Valayan Dwarfs will take up this new Oath! Your enemy is now our enemy! Tell your commander to be expecting our army.
Morgrim Valayason has taken up the Oath to fight side-by-side the Oathbearers against the greenskin. Return to Athgar Greymere at Dragonslayer Ridge to deliver the news.
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