A Prod in the Right Direction

An amazing thing has happened. Proof of the lost Sons of Valaya's survival has appeared out of the earth itself! If one is to believe Gruffbeard's stories there have been Dwarfs trapped deep in the volcano for years upon years. We want to investigate his claims further but the way is overrun with the greenskins and filthy Skaven vermin. I've sent a regiment out earlier, but haven't heard from them since. What I need from you is to venture out there to find the missing party and, if you're able, find our long-lost brothers! My scouts tell me a brutal war between the greenskins and the Skaven is underway. You may need to use a bit o' black powder to clear the path into the Skaven tunnels. Move quickly! There isn't time to lose!
Travel to the southeast into Death Peak to the Blisterclaw tunnels and find the lost regiment.
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