Belated Lament

My cousin Wulgrig and I were sent ahead o' the Oathbearers t' get a feel for what we were up against 'ere in Cinderfall, and by Grungni, we've found out. This blasted land is full o' every manner o' beast and threat. There's greenskins an' there's Ogres, an' there's even a cult o' crazy humans worshippin' a dragon! But, the one thing we weren't expectin' t' find were the undead. We were busy scoutin' these 'ere tunnels when we were set upon by a mass o' those abominations. Durin' the fightin', Wulgrig and I got separated, and then I was knocked out. When I came to, Wulgrig was gone. I found my way back 'ere, to our agreed upon meetin' spot, hopin' he'd return. He hasn't. I must find what happened to my kin. Can ye help me find 'im?
Search the cavern for Wulgrig's Satchel, which may contain information on his fate.
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