Confounded Dwarfs! Not a moment goes by without one of them demanding I go off and fulfill an oath or settle a grudge! If it weren't for the gold they're paying me, I would have left this gods forsaken hole weeks ago. Take this latest errand, for example! It appears that the entirety of the Dwarf army has somehow been offended by a single Ogre named Ragart Gristlemaw. The whole army! Seems this Ogre was locked in battle with a number of Dwarfs when he made mention of how appetizing their Dwarf mothers must be. This sent them all into a furious rage, invoking every one of their gods and naming sixteen generations of kin, by name, while shouting that they would not rest 'til this Ogre was made to answer for his insult. In their fury, however, they failed to notice him wander away. Now it's been left to me to deal with this, and I've already got my hands full! I'll ask a favor of you, find this Ragart and bring back his head. That's all. Do that, and I'll split the bounty!
Travel west into Cinderfall. Find the wandering Ogre, Ragart Gristlemaw, and defeat him. He likely patrols the Drakk camp south of the Ashreaver Tribe Stronghold in the Ruins of Kazad Zharr. Return to Petru Nikolina when done.
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