Armor of the Ancestors

A band of Dwarfs reported that they'd spied a suit of armor in a pile of rubble not far from here. Now, it just so happens there's an old legend in my family about a suit of armor worn by an ancestor of mine in a battle long ago, fought in these very wastes! They say the entire suit was made of runed gromril. I know it in my bones, that suit of armor is the one that belonged to my ancestor. It's the reason I came here. I was meant to find it! It is mine by right! Blast my leg! If I had not broken it in battle, I would go and claim that priceless heriloom. Now one of them damnable manling bandits is going to make off with it! You must help me. I need you to go and find that armor. And don't you think of keepin' it, neither! It's mine, do you hear? Mine!
Search the Dwarf ruins in Dismal Wood southeast of Lorkinsson's Excavation for any sign of the gromril armor Durlin spoke about. There is another Dwarf ruin to the west of the first near the border to Cinderfall that you should search as well. Search both piles of rubble for any gromril armor then report to Durlin Kanstone at Lorkinson's Excavation with your findings.
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