Axes of the Fallen

I've tried to do right by my oath in many battles, but here I am still swinging an axe. The life of a Slayer is one of shame and disappointment, with no one to remember us or carry on our names. Just a few days ago, a band of Slayers ventured out and met their fate. They went to confront the dark powers in the forest near the shrine of Grimnir. If you wish to be known as a friend to the Slayers, you'll go and collect the axes of the fallen. We'll place them in the Shrine of Grimnir to mark the Slayers' passing and honor their memory.
Search the forest around the Shrine of Grimnir in Stonefoot Ridge for Mottled Gors. Kill them until you have collected five Slayer axes. Speak to Acolyte Bronzebanner inside the Shrine of Grimnir when you're done.
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