Ardhed's Bane

It doesn't matter what gets put in our way! Dwarfs endure! The winds scouring this gods-forsaken place can't wash us away 'til we've done what we came for. Despite victory after victory, these blasted greenskins 'aven't seemed to learn not t' get in our way. One o' them in particular, named Ardhed, keeps tryin' t' spur 'em on t' the fight. I'm thinkin' we need t' be takin' is' head, and then maybe that green lot will scatter to the winds. That or they'll kill each other tryin' t' figure out who's in charge!
Go to Skullbreaker Ridge in the southwest of the Savage Waste, and kill Ardhed Teefsmasha. Return to Halma Silverbrow at Dunhilda's Lads once you have accomplished this.
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