A Darker Threat

It wasn't just the rat men that did us in, <career>. Even before they attacked us, a terrible sickness swept through the town. We were weakened by the sickness, and made easy pickings for those beasts. But they weren't alone! There were foul cultists, disfigured and reeking of decay. We followed them into the mine, and I spied them carrying a wooden chest. I don't know what was inside, but I'm sure it was a part of their plot. If you have the courage, venture into that mine and find that chest. Put down some of those monsters, while you're at it. Where my men and I failed, perhaps you'll succeed.
Venture into the Hindelburg Mine. Defeat the Plaguesworn Defilers and Warpclaw Packmasters so they can do no further harm. When done, search the deepest chamber of the tunnels for the chest mentioned by Eber Tolzen. Examine it to learn its secrets.
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