A Darker Threat

We are, or perhaps I should say were, survivors of the attack on Hindelburg by those loathsome rat men. Through all my years, I'd heard rumors of these vile beasts' existence, but dismissed them as fanciful tales to keep children off the city streets at night. Oh Shallya, have you forsaken us? Were we not burdened with enough suffering? Now these rat creatures arise from their burrows to assail us. Will we have no peace? Forgive me, friend. There is little hope for me, but there is still time to save the others. A party of town guardsmen went back into Hindelburg, hoping to find more survivors. Please, go and see to them. Now, go and leave me in peace. I feel unwell, as if some vile sickness has come upon me. I wish to be alone.
Venture into the besieged town of Hindelburg and search for the party of town guards that Father Hofstetter spoke of.
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