A Darker Threat

Hindleburg is burning. The Skaven boiled up out o' the earth an' overpowered the town guards before they could cry the alert. Those that escaped dug in here. Varmir got us sorted and I must say, those manlings put backs to it right alongside our brethren. I've been hearin' rumblings 'bout some missing manling priests -- followers of Sigmar, or so the refugees are sayin'. There's talk among the manlings o' searchin' up north, but so far they've been willin' to listen t' Proudstone and stay where it's safe. Still, I'd like a veteran like you t' search for them priests. If anyone's still left out there, I'm sure your eyes can find 'em. And if we can locate those missin' priests, it'll go a long way toward remindin' the manlings of the ties that bind our people.
From Proudrock, travel north along the road. Search the woods by Blackrock Mine in Umgal Pass for Father Hofstetter.
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