Bloodgash Ogre

Did you see that Ogre just up the hill there? It was good for a laugh when he was eatin' the greenskins, but now it seems he's gotten a taste for Dwarf. Well, that just won't do at all! In all my years, I've learned that where there's one Ogre, there's certain t' be more. We need to take that big oaf down and stick his 'ead on a pike. That'll be warning enough for any of his kin that might come lookin' for his sorry hide.
Go to Bloodgash Pass in central Spitbore. Search for and dispatch the Ogre named Grub Mashfist. Take the Ogre's head, and then mount it on a pike near the western entrance of Norrikson's Excavation. Return to Grufdok Dourfist at Norrikson's Excavation camp when you've finished.
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  • Tier 4 (0)


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