A Family's Value

We told 'em it wasn't safe! We tried to talk them out of it, but when a Dwarf has his mind set on somethin', come gold or grint, a Dwarf means to do it. P'raps you've heard about the Dwarf clans from the four corners of the High King's domain who've come out here lookin' to re-settle their ancestral lands. Before they could lay even one block o' stone for a proper hold, those blasted Beastmen fell upon 'em. They slaughtered entire families and used them in dark rites to their gods. Justice needs to be served, and the remains o' them Dwarfs who fell need a proper buryin'.
Travel to Barak Weald, and search the southern regions for the Herdstone. Recover any Dwarf Remains you may find in the area.Return to Orni Hammertoe in Thane's Defense when done.
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